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Annie Chen Hi, my name is Annie Chen. I'm a Predoc at IBM Zurich Research Lab, which means I'm a PhD student working at IBM but I'm affiliated with ETH Zürich. My thesis is on a context-aware recommendation system for mobile devices, which can anticipate user's needs by learning from other like-minded users' past behaviours in similar context.

I take great joy in good food and fine patisseries. However the reality is that I'm a poor student living in an expensive city, so my enthusiasm for cooking have developed to compensate. I must confess though that I spend more time watching cooking shows than actually cooking. My current favourite is Ferran Adria for his awe inspiring molecular gastronomy and as always, the lovable Jamie Oliver.

Food goes well with travelling or perhaps it's the other way around. Lucky circumstances have led me to live in different places: Taipei (79-89), Auckland (90-97), Sydney (98-03) and currently Zurich. Nowadays I spend most of my holiday and resources traveling around Europe.

Update: I've been working for Google since Feb 2007 on Gmail and have been neglecting to update my webpage.

And here are some of my past projects:

UbiMate is mobile city guide that utilizes the collective power of the mobile user community to generate customized context-aware recommendations. It looks at what like-minded user have done in the past under similar context (e.g., location, weather) to predict what the current user may like to do. Currently it covers Manhattan and we plan to expand it to other cities. This application is written to collect data for my PhD on context-aware collaborative filtering system. (Currently it's restricted to IBM internal access)

IBM Mobile Health Toolkit is a health monitor on a mobile device that collects and filters data from medical sensors over bluetooth and sends it over a cellular network to a server for real-time processing. The toolkit allows for easy attachement of all kind of biometrical sensors and actuators. In our current working demo we have blood pressure cuffs, scales and smart pill boxes.

CVSSearch is a code search engine we developed over the summer of 2000. It uses data mining and advanced string matching technique to search for code fragments using CVS comments. It's an open source project on sourceforge. Since 2002 the project has been passed on to Olly Betts.

Enhanced P2P is a Peer-to-peer application I developed for my Bachelor Thesis in 2001. It implements a transfer protocol optimised for bidirectional transfers using forward error correction which significantly outperforms TCP for bidirectional transfers over asymmetric links. The application also features network aggregation and file searching by content hashing.

RAIL is a semi-automatic, multi-level and adaptive edge-based road recognition system intended to demonstrate the use of various Artificial Intelligence approaches in this area. I worked on this project while working as a research assistant in the AI Lab at UNSW.

Sunrise is a database system I developed for a Taiwanese IC tray manufaturer for internal company procedure in 2002. The system keep track of stock through each production phase to delivery. It also manages orders, finance and shipping, as well as providing analysis and reports. The application is multilingual (users can configure their own language settings) and enforce different priviledges for users.

Booster Box is a middleboxes residing in the network which performs application-specific operations on selected packets or events to reduce the load on the server or to optimize communications among peers. In summer 2002 we developed a traffic predictions and routing application to demonstrate the Booster Box.

Feel free to poke around and contact me if you have any questions.

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